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René de Carufel, photographer

A career that spans more than 40 years in Canada, thousands upon thousands of images have formed in René de Carufel an original and articulate photographic vision.
René de Carufel has come to Guatemala for 8 consecutive years portraying the people, he had the idea of showing all these images, so he created the center for photography with the help of Joshua Samol Navichoc, a photographer of San Pedro la Laguna. They opened the center on November 29th, 2014.

The goal of the center is to offer a space specially dedicated to photography, to teach and to publicize the artistic work of the local people. It is a free space for local and foreign artists in the field of photography, the center also offers professional photography services to any location or in the studio.

We are located a few steps away from the dock to Panajachel, and normally open every day from 3:00pm to 5:00pm

tel. Guatemala: 502-4636-0249

Tel. Canada: 514-935-6808

Josue navichoc, FOTOGRAFO

Josué Leonardo Samol Navichoc, I was born on January 12, 1987 in San Pedro La Laguna, Solola, Guatemala, my childhood was much effort and dedication, since childhood I liked drawing and to do sketches in watercolor, when I finished high school, I wanted to study at the art school in Guatemala City, but the little economy of my family couldn't pay for it and I could not continue studying art. Today I'm working as an Assistant in a woodworking shop to be able to help my family with what little I make, I live with them and they support me the best they can. When I finished high school I bought a camera and with that I started taking my first pictures.

I had the opportunity to compete in a photo contest organized by the French Alliance in Guatemala and I got the second place at national level. The little experience in photography has led me to know people important to me, they have help me grow, I met René de Carufel, a great friend, and through him and his friends, I wish to convey my pictures in Canada and perhaps in other countries. I would like to exhibit these photos and my target is that they discover how beautiful Guatemala is and how happy people are. I would like my work to show what we are and how we live, I want you to live a moment of joy, tenderness and nostalgia when you discover these images. In Guatemala, it is difficult for an Artist to stand out, but thanks to friends' support that may make this exhibition possible it could be easier, I will be grateful to you for opening doors to me.

About my photography.

I want my pictures to speak for me and tell about my life and my passion for the visual and conceptual art; about what we are and try to be.
Our life is immersed in images, all the time we think of them unconsciously, in our backdrop subconscious whenever we visualize ourselves doing what we want, we always do it as a photographer. I will give an example: think of the word "alegria"...
Surely you saw in your mind a child, a woman or a man smiling to someone or rather to you, maybe you even saw colors. You never thought of the letters (a-l-e-g-r-i-a).

Little by little I've learned to see people and turn them into pictures, my career has been much effort, I could not count on professional equipment, I started with a small analog camera, then I discovered that it is an art to remember a moment that never comes back again, also how to tell a story and cultivate our local art. The camera does not matter, you could have the best in the world, but; What will you do with it? The most important thing is imagination and soul to capture what you want to save forever. Now I understand the value of an illustration, I appreciate those people who give advice, help, more if I admire that person, I can understand the picture if I listen carefully to what he says. The best part is to live, the techniques are learned but living the moment is unique.

Don't stay there, go out to photograph the world and discover the part that you do not know.